ISHIR is a leading offshore software development company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company has its offshore development center in Noida, India.


The client wished to move public-facing web applications and internal applications to AWS. The main drivers for them were to achieve better cost, scalability, disaster recovery capabilities, and better application performance.


AnythingCloud’s team worked closely with ISHIR to define a cloud migration strategy. The entire cloud infrastructure was set up as per the best practices and with the intention to leverage all cloud features. The AnythingCloud team delivered scripts to the client that enabled automatic updates and deployments.

AnythingCloud introduced the client to the
Infrastructure as Code model so that they could use AWS CloudFormation templates to version control the state of the client’s infrastructure. Use of AWS’ built-in resource dependency definitions were used so that downtime could be reduced to a minimal. ISHIR experienced lower cost of running their workloads in the cloud. They also benefited from a flexible infrastructure to accommodate varying workload sizes. Use of AWS Elastic Load Balancing helped the client to maximize uptime and minimize loss of data.

The AnythingCloud dedicated team provides round-the-clock monitoring of the client’s infrastructure, applications, performance and
databases. The team is responsible for disaster recovery and minimizing the risk of single point failure.

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