5 definite ways for successful cloud migration in 2020

5 definite ways for successful cloud migration in 2020

2020 is almost here and if there is one thing that is absolutely certain for next year, it is the trend of cloud computing to continue. Enterprises are taking cloud computing as a chief paradigm for enterprise applications.

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CIOs are increasingly challenged to remain competitive in the fast-changing tech environment. 2020 will a year where there will be immense pressure to meet the expectations of partners, customers and people who work for you.  In the coming year, more enterprises are expected to opt for a hybrid-cloud approach to assure them effectiveness and efficiency of cloud implementations. CIOs will become more aware of the various cloud approaches and make a more informed decision.

GDPR added several complications for cloud implementation as they need to ensure that their data practices are completely compliant with the GDPR requirements. Despite the challenges, Gartner predicts that by 2020, more than 41% of enterprise workloads will run on public cloud platforms and around 22% will run on hybrid cloud solutions.

I have collated a list of 5 certain ways you can have a successful cloud implementation.

1. Choose the right cloud hosting partner

It doesn’t matter whether you migrate to cloud or build a cloud-first application, you need an appropriate cloud infrastructure to enable it as a service. There are certain features that you must consider before finalizing the right cloud infrastructure as a service. Some of these features include single-click delivery, ability to capture billing and usage information, data backup and redundancy, support for cross-country deployment, flexibility and scalability. There might be situations where multiple ISVs are used for enhanced availability.

2. Plan a phased migration

You need to plan a phased cloud migration specially if you have a large legacy application. It might be cumbersome and erroneous to migrate it from scratch. If you use a hosted deployment model that delivers a single-tenant model of the application with a virtual desktop, it allows better deployment of infrastructure, support and maintenance.

3. Commit to a cloud architecture

You need to commit to a refactoring of the application architecture and then offer it as a service. The services must offer extensible data model with security features, flexible configuration, support for multi-tenancy, API and service-based architecture.

4. Make your own backup and recovery plan

It is not advisable to just rely on the cloud service provider’s security mechanisms. You can consider a few security aspects to ensure that your back is covered in case of unsolicited access. Backup your instances frequently and deploy the critical components of your applications for different availability zones, track and respond to events and ensure that you are prepared for the fail-overs that might occur at any time.

5. Use HTTPS to enhance cloud security

While using SSL on every website became a trend, SSL on a web application is still the most important. If the data that is exchanged is not encrypted, an individual can gain unauthorized access to it. One can use the SSL information that is offered by Let’s encrypt, which can quickly secure web applications.

If you wish to lead the digital transformation wave, cloud computing can help you in a major way. Speak to one of our experts right away before you become a laggard.

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