Top 7 issues that you’re overlooking in your cybersecurity measures

Top 7 issues that you’re overlooking in your cybersecurity measures

You have probably been attacked or read the latest threats and get all paranoid about cybersecurity. You realize you are exposed to hackers and cyber risks always. Whether it’s your client data, confidential financial data or future-plans – everything is at a risk in a connected world.

Hackers are getting smarter and cyberattacks are getting more serious. Enterprises are increasingly realizing that experts are required to keep a check on hackers. Even small businesses wish to invest in a fool proof and sturdy cyber security measures.

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In a digital world, you’re connected all the time. You want to be connected all the time so that your business can be agile and dynamic. But all that connectedness exposes you to the cyber risks. The repercussions can be catastrophic. Hackers can siphon off your funds or use your confidential data or steal your identity – it can become ugly and grave. Even when you engage with cybersecurity professionals, they need to be on top of their game to think ahead of cyber criminals.

Your cybersecurity initiatives are probably failing due to the following mistakes.


1. You’re responding to unsolicited emails

Hackers are getting smarter. They write emails that make users click on links despite all warnings. These mails are written in such a way that it attracts people to respond, share personal information or share passwords or credit card information. The hackers have even started to assume the email ids of banks, enterprises or tax authorities. Do not entertain any email that seems suspicious.


2. Using an unidentified Wi-Fi or a public internet connection

You might be tempted to use free wi-fi or internet available at a public place. The issue is that these unprotected internet connections expose you to a high risk of data/ identity theft. There are times when online payments are also made using unsecured connections. Public wi-fi connection are vulnerable and prone to cyber-attacks. The financial loss and loss of data can mean loss of your enterprises’ reputation.


3. Not having a strong password policy

It is when people keep passwords that are easy to guess or don’t change password often, the more exposed your data is to cyber-attacks. It is a good practice to change the password frequently. There are apps that help you remember password in case you have trouble remembering the passwords.


4. You don’t update software regularly

Your enterprise might have a strong firewall and top-notch security system, but it still can fail. The best way to keep hackers at bay will be to update the software always. Busy professionals sometime forget or ignore software updates and, therefore, make your system susceptible to data loss and hacking challenges.


5. You don’t backup data

Where most of the enterprises fail is to take a backup when data is hacked. If you were to be attacked that can lead to a data breach (and if you have a backup), you can clean your entire system and load the backup again.

It may sound easy but diligently and regularly taking data backup is something. So, get, set and take a backup.


6. You’re downloading unconfirmed attachments

You may find emails landing on your system with unverified attachments. It will be a good idea to delete the mail immediately. The unsolicited mail might contain malware to gain unauthorized access to your system.


7. You’re not using cybersecurity professionals

IT administrators or internal IT teams are not equipped to handle cyber threats. You need to hire cybersecurity professionals with experience and expertise to think ahead of the hackers. You need professionals like people at AnythingCloud who are dedicated to cybersecurity.

If you’re seeking cybersecurity professionals to help you secure your data, systems and reputation, you can speak to one of our experts to discuss your requirements.

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