5 ways to AWS Cost Optimization to enhance your ROI

5 ways to AWS Cost Optimization to enhance your ROI

In one of our previous blog posts, I mentioned that ‘Cloud Optimization can help you reduce cloud infrastructure cost and improve your application performance’. But while writing it, I wondered how many of the business owners are aware of the different ways to AWS cost optimization. There are numerous ways, but I have identified the top 5 ways to optimize AWS cost. I won’t even mention the obvious that you must first find a reliable, established and experienced cloud cost optimization partner like AnythingCloud. You can make your cloud investment yield a positive result with the right cloud service provider working for you.

AWS optimization services

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AWS is a leader when it comes to offering competitive prices but here are the 5 ways you can optimize your AWS cost and save more (who doesn’t like that).


1. Work on an effective tagging strategy

Effective tagging and monitoring can go a long way to ensure you work well within a budget. Tagging can be automated using DevOps process. It helps to streamline various cloud resources, business units and different teams involved in cloud implementation.


2. Identifying the right applications

It’s not a good idea to migrate all applications in the cloud (not all of them are suitable for the requirement). It is easy to migrate some applications while it’s difficult to migrate some others. One of the best practices is to start with applications that can be picked up from internal data. It makes sense to migrate such applications as it can be more cost and time effective.

The ideal applications for enterprises to move into AWS include Windows business applications, ERP, CRM, collaboration tools like file sharing, project management, chatting, email, web conferencing and others. Starting with less complicated and less mission-critical applications gives you more control over the migration process.


3. Use the right technology

Manually moving to the cloud can be expensive as compared to doing it with the help of the right tools. Knowledge of the tools that will work for you and an experienced MSP will help you plan and manage cloud requirements better.

Migration automation tools make the process more cost-effective and simple. There are cloud management platforms that can help you keep a closed tab on managing cloud storage, network resources and resource management.

Cloud performance and analytics tools can help you identify issues and resolve them quickly before these become expensive for your enterprise.


4. Proper matching of workloads

The proper matching of application and workloads is critical as a miscalculation can lead to over-provisioning. Miscalculation will lead to inadequate capacity calculation of workloads because of which these will not function properly.


5. Conduct a proper application assessment and identify dependencies

Last but something that tops the list is to thoroughly assess the application and map dependencies. If done in a proper way, it can reveal several ways to optimize costs on AWS investment. It is critical to assess the applications that can be easily shifted and the ones that will require more time, capital and effort. It can also help with the process of AWS instance matching.

You can effectively work towards AWS cost optimization only if you have a thorough understanding of workloads. If you do not engage with an experience cloud optimization partner, you will end up spending wasteful expenses on operational efficiencies. Speak to us to make the most of your AWS investment before it’s too late.

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