Cloud Optimization – What can you do to ensure that you maximize your cloud usage efficiency?

Cloud Optimization – What can you do to ensure that you maximize your cloud usage efficiency?

Cloud is a cheaper, simpler and efficient way to manage data and application compared to establishing and maintaining a data center. It provides agility, seamless integration with other systems, quick configuration and ability to scale (in no time). There are many enterprises to realize that opting for cloud leads to financial and operational excellence.

No longer is it enough to just deploy a collection of cloud services, you need to constantly monitor the resources to ensure productivity that will drive your ROI. You must also ensure security and compliance.

Enough of fancy facts. Now for the hard truth.

You need to reduce the complexity and cost of cloud infrastructure. Getting the most from the cloud – yes that’s the challenge. You wish you had more financial transparency and Governance and optimized infrastructure and spend. Enter cloud optimization services.

Cloud optimization entails shutting down the inefficient areas of cloud infrastructure, for example, shutting down idle cloud instances, meeting usage commitments, updating out-of-date instance families and running dev instances only when required.

Simply put, Cloud Optimization can help you reduce cloud infrastructure cost and improve your application performance.

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There are ways, which we at AnythingCloud are just about to suggest, that can help you improve the efficiency with which you use cloud. Basically, optimize your cloud.


1. Use Cloud Analytics

Cloud MSPs should give you cloud analytics report to show that they are performing at peak efficiency. With the help of cloud analytics, you will be clear about how has the cloud service and cost changed over a period and how has it improved your business. In the absence of analytics, it is impossible to tell a substandard service from one that is working for your enterprise.


2. Use a solid Governance Structure

If there’s a Governance Structure in place, it will help you to determine how the enterprise will monitor the cloud solution and approach the established policies. There are several things that a Governance Board can oversee – adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements, authorization levels to cloud services and the different ways that cloud solution can be applied. There can be a major cut down in the number of inefficient instances as far as cloud usage is concerned as the utilization can be closely monitored.


3. Identify the right Cloud Managed Service Provider

The right cloud MSP can maximize your ROI and give you every possible way to leverage your business with cloud. You must select a cloud MSP with a great track record, ability to design uniquely hosted solutions for clients and offer competitive pricing.

You need a service provider, like AnythingCloud, to provide high asset utilization, improved performance with lesser resources and lesser load on your internal IT team.


4. Determine your application’s architecture

The application architecture can be a guide to your cloud optimization endeavors. It can determine how it will scale, and impact your sizing strategy. Depending on how the applications scale, the capacity requirement in the future can be determined.

You can optimize cloud solution with the right cloud MSP and changing the SLA. Additionally, in-depth analytics and measuring against other cloud setups can help to optimize cloud. How do you know if you have optimized cloud solution – you will have faster apps, videos and pages that stream and load quickly, and there are no outages. Despite traffic spikes, your performance will not be interrupted or you will get better returns from your cloud spending.

If you wish to know more about cloud optimization and work towards ensure efficient cloud usage, speak to one of our experts.

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