What are the 5 essential skills each for cloud staff and cybersecurity professionals?

What are the 5 essential skills each for cloud staff and cybersecurity professionals?

There are so many reasons (that you might be already aware of), which makes staff augmentation or working with remote cloud and cybersecurity professionals a must. Small and mid-sized businesses, often, don’t have the budget to manage a full-blown cloud support staff and costly cyber security professionals. Experienced and skillful resources come at a high price and it’s not possible for small and mid-sized enterprises to inordinately spend on them. Which is why, cloud and cybersecurity staff augmentation makes complete sense. You may also hire an offshore cloud services provider or an offshore cybersecurity service provider. The premise is that an in-house team is seriously exorbitant.

Cloud Computing Professionals

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There are 3 top reasons that you need to use cloud and cybersecurity staff augmentation services.

  • It is time-consuming to recruit experienced and skillful cloud and cyber security professionals of your own
  • You always want only experienced professionals to manage your mission critical projects
  • You need professionals who can get started quickly on a project (in case of cyber security professionals, you expect them to prevent and protect attacks. In case there are any cyber threats, the security professionals should be able to provide speedy recovery action)

AnythingCloud gives you the option to hire offshore, contractual, permanent or professionals through our staff Augmentation services. The aim of staff augmentation is to close the skills gap for a specific project. The resources, in such a case, are managed by the client and assures a greater sense of control to the client.

How do you ensure that you hire the right cloud computing professionals with the right skills?

  1. Cloud-based professionals need an understanding of supporting or subscribing to the cloud. You need people who have knowledge of making judgement on maximizing performance based on the cloud spent
  2. The cloud professionals must be well-versed in Java and. NET framework. It’s an added advantage if they have knowledge of open-source tools and languages
  3. You may not require a veteran but a cloud professional who has program management skills can ensure that your project doesn’t run behind a deadline and run over the specified budget
  4. The cloud staff must have knowledge of cloud security protocols and thorough understanding of mandates and regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and laws prevalent in United States and Europe
  5. If the cloud professionals understand data integration and analytics, it can help leverage data in the cloud

How do you ensure that you hire the right cybersecurity professionals with the right skills?

  1. The cyber security must have knowledge of security tools, and must have the knowledge of how these tools can be leveraged
  2. The staff should be capable of security analysis so that the cyber security professionals can identify vulnerable conditions and minimize these attacks
  3. The cybersecurity staff must be proficient in incident management wherein they manage quick response to any incidents that might occur
  4. In-depth knowledge of automation and DevOps is an added advantage as these are being used to monitor and manage vulnerabilities
  5. In the current scenario, the cyber security professionals need to be proficient in machine learning, AI and algorithms. It will help them to process all the data, do some number crunching and provide an in-depth report

In addition to the skills mentioned above, we ensure that have a team of passionate cloud and cybersecurity professionals. They are keen to learn new programming languages, keep up with the trends, participate in relevant community discussions and train other professionals. This is how they are on top of all the changes and advancements in the cloud and cybersecurity. Communication and collaboration are the cornerstone for any project success. Each of our team members is thoroughly screened for these skills before being assigned to any project.

Speak to us today if you wish to have reliable cloud or cybersecurity staff members on-board.

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