Cloud Computing Predictions for 2018

Cloud Computing Predictions for 2018

It wasn’t a long time ago that businesses were thinking if cloud adoption is right for them. In a short span of time, things have changed so drastically that every business uses the cloud in some or the other way. There has been an explosion in the data sources and to use data in an insightful manner, wherein cloud can help to not only store data but also access applications that can process that data.

As per IDC, the spending on cloud and infrastructure spending, worldwide, will reach $266 billion in 2021. This is an increase from $140 billion in 2015. There has been a major shuffling around of IT budgets given the rapid public and private cloud adoption. Around this time of the year, while there are many updates and

If we believe what the reports share, Microsoft Azure Stack will increase their private and hybrid cloud spending near year. Kubernetes is a leader in container orchestration. Globally, the public cloud market will be $ 178 billion in 2018. Cloud is expected to revolutionize new business models in the years to come.

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Hybrid Cloud is set to grow

Hybrid Cloud gives the ability to companies to run public, private and on-premise clouds with orchestration and management tools. There is a key trend that we will see emerge in 2018 and that is multi-cloud environments with workloads that vary and are running separately and being managed in the cloud. There are new partnerships that are forming, for example, Microsoft Azure stack and Azure, Cisco and Google, and VMware and AWS. These partnerships will help with hybrid clouds and promote agility, scalability and operational efficiency in organizations.

There will be a surge in demand for seamless integration in cloud (requires on-premises and hybrid infrastructure). It will allow users to perform business tasks irrespective of where the applications live.


Serverless Computing is becoming popular

Most of the organizations transfer the responsibility of scaling up and managing resources on the cloud service provider. This is exactly where serverless can help. At present, serverless is available in the public cloud and in 2018 serverless is expected to start for private cloud deployments as well. The maturity of cloud is forcing server and hardware vendors to change their business models and have newer, virtual and more flexible ways business can be operated in cloud (like serverless).

Kubernetes to lead container orchestration game

The container orchestration war has been fierce since the past 2 years mainly between Kubernetes, Mesos and Docker Swarm.

Kubernetes has experienced many mainstream deployments with large production workloads anticipated for 2018. It clearly is the leader as far as container orchestration is concerned. There will also be more mission critical production deployments that will be scalable. So, what are the reasons for the popularity of Kubernetes? It is the rapid development in capabilities and support for many platforms that makes it a preferred choice.

One of the greatest proofs of its given popularity is the launch of Kubernetes services by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, IBM has also announced support for Kubernetes.

Improved cloud security

Cloud security has been a concern since inception. But it’s a not a roadblock anymore. Years of cloud usage has given an understanding to even cloud service providers to have built in security measures. There are more and more tools that are introduced every year and there are even compliance requirements that vendors must meet.

If you’re thinking of adopting a cloud infrastructure, remember that you must discuss security measures, policies and Governance with your cloud service provider.

As per David Messina, CMO of San Francisco-based Docker, 2018 is expected to be a year of IT environment diversification. If they get the flexibility to use the best tools and infrastructure for their specific needs, companies will use Linux, Cloud or even Windows. The IT environments will proliferate in the year to come.

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